New Club Attendees

1. Does the club charge to play chess?

Casual play is free. Playing in tournaments requires payment. Kolty is a non-profit, so all fees go towards club expenses (rent, equipment, prizes, insurance, …).

2. Is there a charge to play in one of the tournaments?

Most tournaments are between $30 and $50. Membership in the United States Chess Federation (~$40/year) is required – please visit the www.uschess.org website.

3. Are children allowed at the club?

Yes, but parents are expected to ensure their proper behavior.

4. Where should I park at the church?

There is ample parking behind the church. Do not park in spots for Wesley Manor.

5. Are there restrooms available for attendees?

Yes, players can use the church (CUMC) restrooms. The door code is available from club members.

6. Are drinks or vending machines available?

There are water fountains only. Walgreens is across Winchester Blvd. and Burger King is nearby.

7. Do I need to bring my own chess set/board or chess clock?

Kolty has enough boards and sets but a smaller number of clocks. If you have a clock, please bring it.

8. Is talking allowed in the playing area?

In the playing hall there is no talking. Cell phones must be silent or turned off for players.

9. Is talking allowed in the casual/skittles area (lobby)?

Conversation is allowed in the lobby but should be quiet and not disruptive to those in the playing hall.

10. What are the club hours?

Games start at 7:30 pm. Depending upon the time schedule we usually close ~10:30 pm – 12:00 am.

11. Does Kolty have any affiliation with the CUMC?

We only rent the playing hall from the church. No religious connection exists between Kolty and CUMC.

12. Are chess lessons available?

Kolty does not currently offer organized lessons.

13. Does Kolty have a library of chess books available to borrow?

We do not have a library.

14. Who do I speak with if I have any questions?

Our Tournament Director is Wolfgang Behm. Most club members can point out who to contact.

15. Is there an email list I can subscribe to that will have club related information?

Email Koltychessclub@gmail.com or visit our website (www.koltychess.org) to join our mailing list.

16. What should I do if I cannot attend a tournament game on a specific day?

Email koltychessclub@gmail.com by Noon Tuesday before the next tournament game on Wednesday. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit loss. If later than Noon Tuesday, please send email anyway.

4/29/23 Rev. 3